The Relocation Engineers: men in white…

Convoi is able to position and install both new and second hand high-tech, state of the art machinery, and equipment. Often these are valuable, and fragile systems. Convoi’s specially trained ‘relocation engineers’ know how to deliver and install high-tech systems, and hand them over to the end-user. Within the semiconductor industry, Convoi has experience in positioning instruments or equipment inside derelict rooms (clean rooms), such as laboratories or research centres.

And of course, Convoi has its credentials when it comes to working in clean rooms, air-conditioned or controlled environments. Convoi has installed steppers, weavers, machinery used for the production of ball bearings for windmills and turbines, and components for aircraft engines within these types of environment.

Medical systems

MRI-, PET- and CT-scanners are some of the high-tech medical systems which have been deployed by Convoi throughout the world. At Convoi, there are specialist teams who are ready to assist with: delivery, positioning, installation, and handing over ready for use of complex and sensitive medical equipment.

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