Special people with special equipment for special projects

Laboratory relocations require a special kind of approach. On one hand, the combination of larger, heavier instruments, tools, and test stands whereas on the other hand very sensitive glassware and many expensive, small instruments need to be moved. That is when we combine the industrial relocation activity with the project relocation activity

The ability relocate large equipment requires specific knowledge and equipment, in the same way that moving glassware and sensitive instruments does. That’s why you need Convoi.

Hazardous substances

Hazardous substances are often used in laboratories. Hazardous substances may only be relocated by our own ADR-certified drivers. Convoi has special equipment for transporting hazardous substances safely. The relocation of fume hoods, pickings machines, etching units, ovens, and measuring equipment: Convoi has done it all, including all of the corresponding permits.

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