In spring 2012, luxury automotive manufacturer Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd. announced that production of the four-door Rapide was to move from Magna Steyr’s dedicated facility –AMRP – in Austria to England. A complex operation, but for CONVOIthis is business as usual.

The complete chassis and body line of the four-door Aston Martin Rapide was to be relocated. The production line had to be dismantled, relocated and reassembled completely.

“Relocating companies is our business,” says Leon Spronken, CEO of Convoi. “We are relocation engineers with technical and logistical expertise, able to implement such projects successfully. International relocations are not the core business of original equipment manufacturers. They assemble machines but to relocate operating machinery to a new location and hand it over turn-key, is business for Convoi. Our people, using our special equipment, are capable of relocating machines, production lines and complete plants. But also offices, hospitals and even the international airports of Berlin.”

Aston Martin chose Convoi because of its knowledge of the automotive industry, experience in international relocations of technical facilities and last but not least because of its strong commitment in terms of budget and deadlines.

After four months of preparation the project was executed in only eight weeks. A team of 25 mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, measuring specialists and software engineers carried out this project. “It took 45 truckloads to transport the entire production line to England. At the new location everything was reassembled and connected. The project has been executed within the deadline, within budget and to full satisfaction of the customer,” says Matthijs Bogman, project manager of Convoi. The first Rapides produced in the UK have been delivered to customers.

Convoi has the knowledge and expertise to carry out extensive changes in production lines or factories. Having well-trained and experienced personnel, special equipment and understanding of the technology and logistics of production lines, Convoi is able to distinguish themselves from the competition. At present, projects in Germany, Slovakia, Belarus, UK, USA and India are being carried out.