It is one of the largest and most complicated removals in German history: the merger of the two existing airports Tegel and Schönefeld in the newly built Berlin Brandenburg International airport. The Dutch company Convoi was assigned by the joint Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH to carry out the relocation between April and June 3rd.

Leon Spronken, CEO of Convoi “after a rigorous assessment to meet the requirements of the European tender, a limited number of parties were left in the race for the most prestigious relocation project in Europe this year. Next focus was on experience, innovative capacity and the ability to manage complex logistics processes. The fact that we have been successfully says it all.”

The fact that the relocation is carried out by the Dutch company is no coincidence. Convoi is able to relocate businesses entirely, both offices as well as factories.


Account manager Reinold Hofsink of Convoi: “the complexity is in the combination. It’s not just moving offices, furniture and ICT, but workshops and warehouses are merged at the new location. This means that the integration and relocation of many thousands of aircraft parts and tools must take place simultaneously. Over 11.500m3 goods have to be moved, which equals about 460 truckloads. Also 4,000 rooms and offices are packed and moved.”

The relocation staff will be trained to grant permission and allow them to drive on the platforms between the planes. Not only the companies as such are monitored closely, also antecedents of the relocation staff are thoroughly checked before they are allowed to start working at the airports. The schedule is rigorous and demanding, and already it is known which vehicles will go through what gate, at what time and who will drive it. All to meet the strict German airport security laws and the opening deadline June 3rd.