Miba is one of the leading strategic partners in the international engine and automotive industry. Their product portfolio includes sintered components, engine bearings, friction materials, power electronics components and coatings. Miba products make motor vehicles, trains, ships, aircraft and power plants more efficient, more reliable and (more) environmentally friendly.

Convoi was asked to unload, provide internal transportation and position a new press into the Miba plant in Slovakia – Dolný Kubín. Although Convoi has installed many presses in the past, this project had challenges of its own.In this case Miba choose to have all presses in one enormous pit.. Normally we can run the lift systems alongside the pit to position and lower the press but that was not possible in this case.During the site visit by our project manager, all challenges were noted and at the office a solution was worked out for every possible obstacle that could arise. The result was a detailed plan on how to install the press into the pit including rotating the press.

The best solution was to use the so called ‘elephant feet’ which allowed Convoi to run the rails of the lift system ‘over’ the pit as you can see in the pictures. Using these, Convoi was able to manoeuvre, rotate and position the press into its final position in a safe and controlled way.

The project was carried out in cooperation with the OEM of the press and to full satisfaction of Miba; completing the works within the agreed time frame and ensuring safe workings practices throughout the duration of the project.

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