Convoi has adopted safety, health, welfare, and the environment as its major focus within the organisation. This has resulted in ISO-9001:2008, ISO 14001, VCA-petrochemical and the VVT accreditation scheme certifications being awarded. By clicking on Quality and Safety you will find further information on health, safety, and the environment.

Here you can find some brief information about the certifications Convoi currently holds.


All business processes are arranged uniformly at Convoi. This is guaranteed as part of the ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 system.


Convoi is also ISO-14001:2004 certified. This means that Convoi has an environmental management system which is geared towards managing and improving levels of environmental performance. The environmental management system provides a structured focus towards the environment during business operations.

SCC Petrochemical 2008/5.1

On 26th April 2012, Convoi became the holder of an even more stringent version: SCC Petrochemical 2008/5.1 certification This means that Convoi’s safety management system was able to provide the highest level of service according to the regulations set by this certification.

All Convoi employees have the basic SCC (safety checklist for contractors) certificate. All operational managers hold a VCA-VOL (operational safety management) certificate.

Safety Certificate for Contractors (SCC)

The safety certificate for contractors (SCC) is the German equivalent of the Dutch VCA certificate. As Convoi has offices in Germany, it naturally has to meet the requirements set out in the SCC certificate.

Vertical Transportation Association (VTA)

The Vertical Transportation Association, or VTA, with almost 200 company members, is the largest trade association for vertical transportation rental equipment. The VTA traditionally represents issues regarding work safety, accident prevention, and where possible, also conditions and streamlines the working environment, along with promoting professionalism and market forces. Convoi is a founder member of the VTA, and has been an active member since 2000.

Accredited training associations

Convoi has been recognised as an ‘accredited training association’ by the Kenteq Foundation (a research centre for vocational education and industry technology). Convoi is a recognised training association for the following disciplines:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Engineering
  • Products and systems for the electro technical industry