Dabekausen Transport was founded in Heerlen. This company focused on specific types of transportation, and was predominantly active in the mining industry, and in the transportation of large boilers.


The Geytenbeek family starts out as butcher in Zeist (The Netherlands) and over the years would become more and more involved in relocation. After the Second World War, the demand for relocation was growing fast thanks to large orders from the US embassy.


Dabekausen introduces crane rental services.


Marcon Kraanverhuur (Marcon Crane Rental) is founded in Born (The Netherlands). It develops from demolition services to an independent crane rental company.


Geytenbeek Verhuizingen is taken over by Van Gend & Loos. During the 1960s the company grows to having over 100 employees. During this period the activities of ‘service industries’ and ‘office removals’ are merged together. This period also sees the foundation for relocating hospitals and healthcare facilities. Another specialist field: transporting mainframes (heavy server systems) using air suspensioned trucks.


Dabekausen Transport en Kraanverhuurbedrijf is acquired by Lintzen Holding. Meanwhile, more machinery relocations are carried out as a result of customer requests. This branch would subsequently become a highly professional branch with regards to Industrial relocations.


Marcon is taken over by Lintzen Holding.


Acquisition of Heavy Lift (Zwagerman) in Helmond, The Netherlands.


Under Marcon the organization is restructured. The machine movements are now ‘industrial relocation’ and are performed under the name Marcon. Special transport activities are implemented under the name of ‘Dabekausen Transport’


Dabekausen Transport is sold.


Unit Verhuur in Helmond and the crane rental company J. de Later in Venlo are taken over by Marcon Netherlands.


Kerkhofs Assembly and Kerkhofs Rental in Zonhoven, Belgium are taken over by Marcon Netherlands.


Acquisition of the lifting operations Lambers.


Former DSM-division of horizontal and vertical transport is taken over by Marcon from Stork.


Marcon takes over Geytenbeek. Geytenbeek by now consists of 147 employees and has offices in Amsterdam, The Hague, Eindhoven, Maastricht and Utrecht in The Netherlands and Antwerp and Brussels in Belgium


Following the legal merger of Marcon and Geytenbeek in 1997, ‘Convoi’ is created, with companies in the Netherlands (Convoi Europe) and Belgium (Convoi Belgium).


Crane rental company J.A.E.M. van Riel in Tilburg (The Netherlands) is taken over by Convoi Europe.


Crane Activities Schiltmans (fromer Van Nisselrooy) in Wijchen and Crane rental company Holleman in Breda are acquired by Convoi Europe.
Convoi Exhibition Services sold to TNT Netherlands.
Convoi Europe builds a new head office in Eindhoven, The Netherlands


The industrial relocation activities of TMB Industry are acquired by Convoi Belgium.


The branches of Convoi Europe in Sittard and Geleen are joined together in a new home at Business Park Stein in Stein-Elsloo, The Netherlands.
Convoi Belgium moves in Belgium from Zaventem to Diegem.


Convoi Belgium moves from Diegem to Vilvoorde in Belgium.


Convoi Deutschland GmbH is founded. The company is based in Nuremberg (Bavaria) in Germany.


In the Slovak capital Bratislava a new Convoi company is founded: Convoi sro.
Convoi Deutschland GmbH start its own subsidiary: Convoi Industry Service GmbH, based in Dessau (Saxony-Anhalt), Germany


The three Convoi companies have new names: Convoi Europe BV is from now on Convoi BV, N.V. Convoi Belgium SA is now Convoi N.V. / S.A. and Convoi Deutschland GmbH is Convoi GmbH.
Iron Mountain takes over the Archive management activities from Convoi in the Netherlands and Belgium.


Convoi BV says goodbye to business units Crane Rental & Lifting and Maintenance Support. These business units are taken over by Mammoet Netherlands BV, including equipment and 130 employees in the Netherlands.
The second subsidiary from Convoi GmbH is operational. In Hagen (North Rhine-Westphalia), the activities of Interfracht Hagen Express are taken over. The new Convoi company, Convoi Hagen GmbH is active with industrial removals, heavy transport and rental of mobile cranes.
In Belfast, United Kingdom a sales office is opened.


Lintzen Holding B.V. is renamed: Convoi Assets B.V.
In Pune (India) and Berlin (Germany) sales offices are opened.


Opening of the new headquarters in Maastricht-Airport (Netherlands), takes place in the new industrial area Aviation Valley. A new office is opened in Amsterdam.


In March Convoi India Pvt. Ltd. is founded in Pune, India.


In September Convoi takes over Imtech Industrial Services Zuid Oost. This activity will be continued as 'Convoi Electrical & Automation'


Convoi in the Czech Republic is founded


Convoi Schweiz AG in Lostorf, in Switzerland is founded.