Creative and innovative solutions

The dynamic market in which Convoi operates has a constant demand for innovation. Convoi has responded to this demand via its management system, and its continuous development of new tools, equipment, and services. The situations in which employees have to handle projects are rarely of a routine nature. When complex relocations must be carried out, devising innovative solutions is a must. You expect a professional project and a commercial relocation business to come up with the solutions for your move! And we can do this. Both in terms of time and materials. The advantage you have is that you are able to make maximum use of our experience.


Convoi has an engineering department which is engaged daily in designing solutions for ‘impossible’ situations. An innovative and creative way of thinking is required for installations to fit within existing situations. This is akin to thinking of ‘customisation’ so that any adjustment provides the best, safest, and most efficient type of solution. Convoi has carried out projects which other companies have described as ‘mission impossible’ on more than one occasion.

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