Total Quality Management (TQM)

You may think the issue of quality is obvious. That is not the case. It’s not a question of ‘you ask, we’ll do it’, however quality should be associated with an organisation. Perhaps the most important factor in project and commercial relocations is the compliance with quality standards. We provide top quality at all times. This is evident and can be supported by our many certifications <link certificaten>, such as ISO-9001:2008, ISO14001 and the VCA-petrochemical certification. The level of quality is assured further and is guaranteed by Convoi’s Total Quality Management (TQM) system. Customer satisfaction surveys are conducted on a regular basis, where the results are used to further maximise the TQM’s capabilities.


Convoi’s KAM management system has been produced in written format, and is based on the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and VCA-petrochemical certifications.


When purchasing the new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), this is assessed as to whether it complies with legal requirements. It also takes into account the state of the art, along with demands for environmental protection. All of the resources have been assessed in terms of suitability in advance.

Safety passport

Convoi assures that all members of staff undergo the required safety training, and if required, that a training program is put together. The (new) employee is assessed on the grounds of specific quality, safety, health, and environmental requirements. Should a new employee fail to pass this stage, then we will make sure that the correct course of training has been put into place within a period of three months. A personal safety logbook is available to all members of staff.

Risk Inventory & Evaluation (RI & E) and Task Risk Assessment (TRA)

The KAM coordinator will recommend an RI & E program which includes control measures for high risk functions and projects, and will update the program following the RI & E, a workplace inspection (WPI), along with any incidents, whilst also evaluating the RI & E and management plans as part of his/her management appraisal. Should there be an accident which leads to a period of absence, then the RI & E must be evaluated at that time.

Health & Safety (H&S) project plans

The project manager will devise an H&S project plan for any projects exceeding 500 working days, or which include a period of construction in excess of 30 days with over 20 employees, or upon client request. The project manager will implement the standard H&S project plan, or may use the model plan provided by the customer.

Workplace inspections (WPI)

All operational managers must carry out a workplace inspection for their projects on a monthly basis using the workplace inspection checklist which has been compiled previously. Any improvements which have been made must be both monitored and recorded. The forms will then be submitted to the KAM coordinator. An improvement plan of action (POA) must be compiled for any bottlenecks which have been identified, but which cannot be resolved as part of the project.

Environmental impact assessment (EIA)

Environmental aspects have been incorporated into the KAM handbook as much as possible. Convoi has undergone an environmental impact assessment (EIA). The EIA is assessed once a year during management appraisals, in order to establish whether or not it still satisfies the processes, and also to determine whether or not it complies with the appropriate standards and legislation.

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