In times of crisis: Convoi

Crisis management is something which you would prefer not to have to deal with, however it can happen to anyone: fire, flooding, or burglary. In a security plan has been the course of actions have been described, in case a disaster occurs. Convoi can be of service.

Convoi works with a number of reconditioning companies, and for them Convoi is on a permanent standby. This guarantees that an experienced staff with the right equipment can respond to an emergency quickly.

In times of need, Convoi can provide:

  • Setting up temporary workspaces in accordance with a previously established plan
  • Providing temporary or long-term storage for stock, archives, or equipment
  • Fast and efficient removal of critical business units

So draw up a contingency plan contract with Convoi. Should you require any advice, or quotation, then please contact us.

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