This is useful; hiring, disposing, and the Handyman

During relocation projects there is often either too much or too little furniture. If you have a temporary shortage of furniture, then you can rent supplies at Convoi. We also make sure that temporary furniture will actually be used temporarily. We do this by examining and making a proposal of how to minimize rental items as soon as possible. For example, this can be done by replacing it with excess or used furniture.

In case of a surplus of furniture, Convoi can take the process of emptying premises out of your hands. We can do this for example by mediating between the customer and our reliable buyers. Please also see Waste Management.

You have been relocated, the desks, cabinets, computers, and copies are all in place. You can get to work! But.... there are always so many ‘small chores’ around, which then hang around for weeks or months. It would be good to have someone who can take care of all of these types of chores. Convoi has these men: the Handymen.

If you want to know more about how we work and about our projects, then please have a look at our testimonials. Should you require advice or a quotation, please contact us.