Early October we entered into the last phase of the removal of the production facilities from Arnhem to Oosterhout. With the last phase now completed our “Corus” year has drawn to a close. This particular contract consisted of 4 subprojects, i.e. :

Phase 1: December – February.
Relocation of the PE and Coating Line from Oosterhout (NL) to Corby (UK)

We embarked on this move just before the 2009 Holiday season because Oosterhout had to be cleared before the end of last year. Reassembling the lines in Corby did not run as smoothly as we had expected. The winter weather that hit England had not been seen in over a decade and our assembly team was really put to the test over there.

Phase 2: May – June.
Relocation of the M16 pipe-welding line from Arnhem to Oosterhout (NL)

Once phase 1 was finalized we started on the preparations for phase 2, which seemed to be easier since it only involved 1 line instead of 2, as was the case in England. Though, nothing was further from the truth for the organization and execution of this particular phase turned out to be a very complex affair on account of the many subcontractors milling around the hall and the challenging site conditions (a.o. no hardened floor in the hall). It proved to be a tough job.

Phase 3: August.
Relocation of the M18 pipe-welding line & Slitter from Arnhem to Oosterhout (NL)

Preparations and execution should have become routine by now you would think, but, on this occasion, the summer holidays came to throw a spanner in the works. With many people on annual leave, staffing levels were far from ideal and because we had a few larger projects to complete, planning became a challenge. In the end, we completed phase 3 earlier than expected.

Phase 4: October.
Relocation of the M14 & M15 pipe-welding lines and partial reconversion to KV34

No sooner had we phase 3 done and dusted than the project team got down to the 4th and last phase. This last phase was completed at the end of October and yet again we were reminded of the fact that there is no such thing as ‘routine’ when you’re involved in the industrial relocation business. Convoi can look back on a nerve-wrecking and successful ‘Corus’ year in which we also witnessed Corus Tubes B.V. change its name intoTata Steel Nederland Tubes B.V.

We are by no means exaggerating if we say that our industrial relocation team moved heaven and earth to bring this project to a successful conclusion, without accidents or damage, and that’s what it was all about for Corus!

Technical details

A phased project of over one year
Numerous relocations within the Netherlands and United Kingdom