"Congratulations on your million euro contract." This is the exact message the Nurnberg board received from a haulage company who phoned to congratulate Convoi on being awarded a million euro contract and to offer their services into the process. Though… after some checking within the Convoi Group no one seemed to know anything about a contract that involved moving an entire gasifier from Schwarze Pumpe (D) to India. As the heat was on, we met Envirotherm 2 days later. Once we had introduced ourselves and found out what the project exactly entailed we literally worked through the night to come up with a full disassembly plan and a quotation. The client was highly impressed and the following 2 weeks were spent working out plans such as a health and safety plan, a risk inventory, flight schedules, crane deployment, project planning etc. Convoi synergy at its best!

The plant, measuring 40 × 40 m and up to 60 metres high in places, had to be fully disassembled and shipped to India. The core of the installation consisted of a 14-metre long reactor with a diameter of 4.6 metres and a weight of 165 ton. A 1200-ton crane was required to lift the reactor out of the gasifier.
During this stage of the project there were always a number of 80 to 200-ton cranes on standby.

As if the dimensions, tight schedule and impressive height weren’t enough of a challenge, the weather made sure that we weren’t going to get off lightly in this particular case. Gusts of 50 km/hour, snow, black ice and temperatures as low as minus 15 degrees made crane work impossible and at one stage it looked as if we weren’t going to make the deadline. Following consultation we decided to work in shifts through every weekend and bank holiday so that the project could be completed in time after all.

Technical details

Dismantling complete gasifier plant
Germany | Schwarze Pumpe
Mobile cranes 80 to 1250 tons
up to 50 relocation engineers
Extreemly bad weather conditions