ERIKS is a stock-exchange quoted technical trading company. Convoi helped relocate their sites at Heerhugowaard and Alkmaar to a brand-new building on the Boekelemeer industrial estate, just outside Alkmaar.

The key part of the operation was the relocation of the warehouses. This involved the transfer of 100,000 items of stock, corresponding to 20,000 metres of pallet racking and 5,000 pallets.

Our staff was directed to the correct location in the new building by means of TOs. On arrival there, the items in question were unpacked. Convoi then scanned the items to read them in to the Materials Management Automation System. This enabled the accounting procedure to be likewise completed as part of the move. The range of products at ERIKS is extremely diverse. In addition to normal warehouse boxes, many oversized items were also transferred.

A specific relocation plan was also devised for these kinds of products, which included such items as elongated tubing and rolls of rubber or plastic sheeting. This was done to minimise damage and speed up transfer of items. The aim was that ERIKS’ customers would suffer as little disruption as possible from this mammoth operation. For this reason, Convoi carried out all aspects of relocation outside ERIKS’ normal working hours. A detailed schedule was drawn up beforehand. To minimise all risks, even a trial run move was organised. This was done to test the speed of the transfer.

An essential part of the project was the relocation of the offices, the server room and plant. These were moved separately from the warehouse items by specialist teams.

Technical details