The reason for HP Nederland moving its activities to a central site in Amstelveen (The Netherlands) was a consequence of its worldwide policy for consolidating its business locations. With the introduction of HPWT (Hewlett Packard Workplace Transformation), the HP office in Amstelveen has a highly efficient organisation. Flexible workstations are available, and most HP staff are also given the opportunity to work from home which means that time lost through commuting can be minimised. Preparations for the move were taken in hand by Convoi relocation managers a year beforehand.

As a result of previous projects, Convoi already had a fair idea of the furniture requirements. Aided by the input of Convoi, HP was able to draw up a plan for the new layout and order new furniture accordingly.

Phased plan and timetable

All HP buildings were still in use. This meant that Convoi had to devise an ingenious phase-by-phase operation. After the phased plan and timetable had been approved, Convoi relocation managers went about coordinating and effectuating the project with complete independence. Coordination with security, cleaning companies, construction contractors, furniture suppliers and all communication with the relocation coordinators likewise fell under the remit of Convoi’s responsibilities.

Eventually, no more than a few weeks later, all 2,000 workstations had been transferred in line with the new Warm-Welcome* concept. Likewise, laboratories with vulnerable server equipment, meeting rooms and all internal storage areas underwent relocation. Convoi ICTServices was responsible for installing the complete cable infrastructure. This involved (dis)connection of all computers and peripherals and the laying of electricity and network cables in floors so that these were no longer visible.

For more information, contact Convoi Project Relocations and ask for the Warm-Welcome presentation.

Below you will find a video of the relocation of VDL, a complete company relocation, offices, production and warehouses.

Technical details

Office relocation | Relocation and reshuffle of 2,000 workstations