For some years now, Convoi has had the privilege of being contracted by Leybold Optics, with locations in Dresden and Alzenau (Germany), when any of their clients need installations dismantled, transported and reassembled. This time around, we were asked to move several vertical and horizontal coating machines. Of late, Convoi obtained quite a number of contracts to move and install installations to and in China, the USA and Germany (Berlin). But as no two installations are ever the same, clients keep relying on Convoi’s inventiveness to stabilize, construct and assemble this equipment.

As both height and floor-bearing capacity were at a premium, the components could not be moved by crane and our 100-ton hoisting system proved to be the answer.

Moving a 435-cm wide installation through a 455-cm wide gate wouldn’t be a picnic at the best of times, let alone when the item in question also turns out to be 6 metres long. Amid great public interest, we managed to cross that hurdle without a hiccup. Now, a convoy of this size always travels under police escort. Two days before we were scheduled to set off we learned that all special transports had been temporarily suspended due to the fact that President Barack Obama was about to arrive in the City of Dresden. As deadlines are sacred to Convoi, we decided to pull out all the stops so that we would be ready for road one day early. And thus it happened; not even the President of the United States is allowed to stand between Convoi and its deadlines!

Technical details

Relocating machines worldwide
100 ton lift system