Recticel commissioned Convoi GmbH to move part of a RIM ROM Unit from Unterriexingen (Germany) to Ningbo in Shanghai (China). The other section of the unit was to be moved internally. The assignment entailed disconnecting the electrics, hydraulics and mechanical parts of the section of the plant (25%) that was bound for Shanghai before packaging and shipping the lot to its final destination.

No sooner had we begun reassembling the equipment than Convoi was asked to also move the remaining 75% of the plant internally within Unterriexingen. The 25% shortfall was to be made up of parts from a different production location so that the Unterriexingen plant would end up with a fully operational production line.

Working at 2 separate locations meant that the ‘Recticel team’ had to be split up into 2. Both teams were manned by Convoi electricians and experts in electronics and hydraulics. All in all, we assigned 24 people to this particular project.

We were given 2 weeks to complete the job in Germany, i.e. moving the 75% section internally + collecting the 25% section from the other location. With 20 employees on the job we were able to bring this project to a successful conclusion, to the full satisfaction of the Recticel Board.

Recticel thanked us by placing 2 further orders, one of which involved moving a plant from Alabama (USA) to Most (Czech Republic) while the other order entailed relocating an independent unit from Mallersdorf (Germany) also to Most in the Czech Republic.

Technical details