Convoi has been appointed as the sole and regular provider of any relocation work the University of Amsterdam (UvA) will be undertaking over the next 4 years. With 23,000 students and 4,700 members of staff, UvA is one of the largest general universities in Europe. It operates from some 100 historical and modern buildings, spread all across Amsterdam.

Within UvA, moving is an ongoing process. Removal jobs range from simply relocating a number of workstations to large-scale projects, where an entire building has to be inventoried. In addition, there are also the special assignments which can encompass anything from moving laboratory equipment to art collections, libraries and archives.

One of the projects we completed so far is the relocation of FNWI (Faculty of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Informatics). It soon became clear that this was a real Convoi job. It involved moving:

  • Entire offices;
  • Laboratories, among which furniture, cupboards containing chemicals, glassware, small (sensitive and valuable) apparatus and instruments;
  • Workshops, among which the metalwork and woodwork workshops and a glassworks;
  • Research departments full of unusual, specific and highly technical equipment, where every device was given its own “passport”, complete with photograph and details such as the disassembly and reassembly times, transport requirements, value, weight and dimensions;
  • Library, stores and archives.

Based on the evaluations, we can safely conclude that UvA selected the perfect relocation partner.

Technical details

All relocations: Offices Laboratories Chemicals Instruments Metal work shops Wood work shops Glass work shops Research departments Libraries Archives Storage
In over 100 buildings in and around Amsterdam