VDL Industrial Modules b.v. has moved from Eindhoven to Helmond. Distance-wise possibly not a big deal but it did mean that the entire company, from offices, cupboards, computers and coffee machines to machinery, production lines and a store with room for 3,700 pallets and 11,000 shelves had to be moved.

This was a real turnkey project, one in which Convoi excels. All the equipment and their supply and discharge pipes had to be dismantled and disconnected, mechanically and electrically and in some cases also hydraulically. Everything was duly labelled and recorded in accordance with the ‘Convoi system’ so that all the equipment could be reconnected afterwards without any problems. During the preparatory stage, we worked out all the disassembly plans, the sequence in which we would proceed, the health and safety aspects, the possible risks and any other particular issues we would have to deal with. At the new site, everything was meticulously marked. That completed, all the equipment was unloaded in Helmond, brought into the new hall and installed with the help of electrical cranes on industrial rollers. Everything exactly as we had planned. Once the equipment was in place, every single item was painstakingly aligned and reassembled in situ, until the whole plant was once again ready for production and everything had been moved and installed.

The members of the Convoi Project Relocation team saw to it that any discomfort was kept to a minimum. By Monday morning, all the VDL staff were able to sit at their own desks, albeit in a different city. The staff of Convoi Project Relocation have plenty of experience and are very adept at moving warehouse racking with a staggering amount of shelving such as this, which is really essential when a project of this magnitude has to be tackled.

Don’t hesitate to contact Convoi and ask us for the ‘VDL’ project film if you would like to see how this move was accomplished.

Technical details

Complete turn-key relocation Offices Production facilities Warehouses
From Eindhoven tot Helmond, the Netherlands Distance 9 km
Electro cranes Truck mounted cranes Forklift trucks Trucks All kinds of transportation aids
15 industrial relocation engineers
Turn-key approach including OEM support Relocation during last building phase Enourmous diveristy