It isn’t quite 10 years since we last moved the headquarters of Yokogawa in the city of Amersfoort in the space of 2 weekends. This time around though, we were faced with a real challenge. Those exact same offices and the ones in Apeldoorn had to be moved, lock stock and barrel, to their new state-of-the-art building, all in the course of 1 single weekend!

Aside from the 650 work stations, the relocation project involved:

  • The production area (machinery, the glassworks, glass-sawing mill etc.)
  • The laboratories
  • The spare-parts warehouse (including packing and unpacking)
  • The archives (including packing and unpacking)
  • The stores
  • The staging (installation cq testing areas with 19” racks and ICT equipment)
  • The Hot Stand-By (the client-service centre)
  • The calibration areas (sensitive measuring equipment)
  • Shipping and stocks.

All in all, well over 3,000 m³. We could commence on Friday and by first thing Monday morning, Yokogawa was supposed to be fully operational again.

While our quotation was being considered, we worked out a detailed move schedule with corresponding lead times. Through a clever inter-alignment of the various parts, the deployment of specialized teams (Project Relocations & Industrial Relocations) and night shifts, Convoi was in a position to stand over the timeframe imposed.

In the end, the Utrecht Planning Division accurately assigned all the people asked for to the different parts of the project. A few days prior to the big move, a start was made on the company’s non-critical areas (archives and stocks). Slowly but surely we were getting ready for the big bang…

Friday night, with all hands on deck, we knuckled down to the big move. The train had left the station and there was no stopping it now. By Saturday night, Convoi was ready to tie up a few loose ends!

Technical details