Crane 1 (300001)

Upperworks 3386Hours.


Crane 2 (300002)

Upperworks2211 Hours.


BOOM: 12.8m to 50.6m 5-section hydraulic pinned main boom.Seven sheave boom nose.

BOOM ELEVATION: One hydraulic single acting cylinder (-3° to 83°) with integral holding valve.

LOAD MOMENT SYSTEM ("LMI"):EKS 5 Light load moment indicator with automatic cut-out and digital display for actual and admissible load, radius, telescoping and other working conditions.

OPERATORS CAB:Full vision aluminium cab, hydraulically tilt able to 20°, mounted on the left side of the turntable, safety glass throughout, hinged front window with wiper, sliding door and window, sun visor and window shade, dormer window pane with wiper, engine dependent hot water heater, fan and defroster nozzles, deluxe seat with suspension, headrest and armrest mounted dual axis crane control joysticks, full instrumentation panel with ECOS crane engine controls. Two spotlights.

SWING: 360° continuous rotation, 2 slewing gears with axial piston motors, planetary reduction gear, service and holding brake. Infinitely variable speed 0-1.5 rpm.

COUNTERWEIGHT: 8,5 tonnes (within 2.75m width).Hydraulic counterweight rigging and removal system operated from the crane cab.

SUPER ENGINE: Mercedes Benz OM904LA, four cylinder, turbo charged diesel engine 129kW. Fuel tank: 200 litres capacity.

HYDRAULIC SYSTEM: Two separate circuits, one axial piston variable displacement pump (load sensing) with power limiting control and one gear pump for slewing. Oil cooler and pressure test points. Tank capacity 740 liters.

MAIN HOIST: Axial piston motor with planetary reduction gear and automatic multiple disc brake.Drum rotation indicator.

WIRE ROPE: 255m of 19mm diameter for main hoist.

SAFETY SYSTEMS: Hoist and lowering limit switches, check valves on load bearing cylinders, pressure relief valves and wind speed indicator.

10 x 6 x 10 CARRIER

OUTRIGGERS: Four double hydraulically telescoping beams with vertical cylinders and outrigger pads.Independent horizontal andvertical operation.Controlled from each side of carrier and superstructure cab, with electronic level indicators.

ENGINE: Mercedes Benz OM502LA , 8 cylinder, 390kW turbocharged diesel engine with hour meter, heavy duty air cleaner with safety cartridge. Fuel tank: 400 litres capacity with locking filler cap.

TRANSMISSION: Daimler Chrysler G 240-16 with EPS (Electronic Pneumatic Shift) 16 speeds.2 speed transfer case.

SUSPENSION: Megatrak™ (all wheel independent hydro pneumatic suspension), hydraulic lockout and automatic levelling system.

BRAKES: Dualline full air on all wheels, conformingto EC regulations.Pneumatically operated spring-loaded emergency/parking brake on axles 2, 4 and 5.Constant throttle engine brake. Anti-lock braking system (ABS).

LIGHTS: 24v system.Full lighting package (includes: head, rear, brake, rear fog, reverse, hazard, directional indicators and reflectors) conforming to EC regulations.Halogen spotlights and two rotating beacons.

CARRIER CAB: Two-man left hand drive. Fully adjustable driver's seat with pneumatic suspension, passenger seat, three-point seat belts. Safety glass windows, laminated front windscreen with wipers and washers, engine independent diesel air heater incl. 24h timer, heated rear view mirrors, tachograph, odometer, full instrumentation (ECOS) and travel controls. Stereo/radio with CD player and traffic information decoder. Fire extinguisher5 kg mounted inside the cab. Air conditioning.

MISCELLANEOUS STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Access steps, maintenance tool kit, automatic interval controlled central lubrication of struts and steering lever journals. Aluminium checker plate decking. Worklights for each outrigger beam, wheel chocks. CraneSTAR asset management system software package; includes internet access to up-to-date crane information; monitor machine locations, working conditions.

PAINT: Grove standard

A091J BASIC STANDARD UNIT: 10 x 6 x 10 LHD Mercedes Benz power (Tier 4 interim)(Required for sale in the US/Canada/European Union).

B003J 11.0m to 18.0m bi-fold swing away, hydraulically offset from 0° to 40°including testing, calibration of LMI and load charts.

L007J2 work lights, mounted on top of boom base section (controlled from superstructure cab).

L008J Boom mounted aircraft warning light (fully wired).

T013J Trailing boom float kit [to be used in the US].

J015J Additional oil cooler for hydraulic system.

F019J 3 sheave hook block with double hook and dead end.[50 tonnes hook block capacity].

F021J Single line headache ball [8 tonnes capacity].

C026J Fire extinguisher 5kg mounted inside the cab.

C028J Air conditioning.

C023J Engine independent diesel cab heater which also serves as engine preheater incl. 24h timer.

B092J Camera system boom head (wireless / zoom).

H032J Additional 20 tonnes counterweight, Total 28.5 Tonnes, with special slabs to allow axle loads to be equally distributed with maximum of 23.5 Tonnes on the crane.

H033J Additional 11.6 tonnes counterweight (2 x 5.8 tonnes side weights > 2.75m machine width). Total 40.1 Tonnes.

G099J Ten 445/95 R25 Michelin on / off highway radial tyres.

K094J Outrigger length control.

L051J Two additional strobe lights -carrier and superstructure mounted.

S070J Independent carrier engine pre-heater

S074J Additional hot weather cooling package (consisting of additional water and oil cooler for carrier and additional oil cooler for superstructure).

R060J TUV + CE + Par 70 Homologation kit German.

MB certificate on engine regarding the spark arrester

Crane provided with all Loadlimiter programs


Trailer Coupling


side and back camera

Boom camera

For more information please contact Roy Urlings, the operations manager.

Phone: +31 (0) 6 290 754 31