Machine installations

To make sure you’re not putting your newly acquired machine or production line at risk, you need to work with a company that has the expertise, equipment, and personnel to transport, unload, measure, position, assemble, install, align and commission your machinery. Safely, without any errors or risks, anywhere in the world, by mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic means. Convoi understands your challenges. We have decades of experience when it comes to assembling, mounting, and installing new machines and production lines. We can act completely independently, in conjunction with, or on behalf of the original equipment manufacturer. Your best move. Consider it done!

Total solutions, the essence of convoi

Managing separate activities in a single project: that is the essence of Convoi. Combining activities allows us to provide fully integrated solutions for our partners.

Industrial relocation
Project relocation

Project Relocations

With Convoi taking care of your relocation, you can rest assured that you will be able to get back to business at the agreed time. And, of course, at the agreed price. We understand you do not want any surprises. Convoi started carrying out removals almost a century ago. Since then, we have been specialized in complex, difficult, and challenging relocations. Our Relocation Engineers have the training, knowledge, and experience required to successfully carry out any type of commercial relocation. We relocate businesses, hospitals, schools, institutions, museums containing millions of items, warehouses the size of football fields, offices with over 2,000 workstations, airports, and even unique works of art, such as Rembrandt’s ‘Night Watch’.


Convoi was founded almost 100 years ago in The Netherlands. Since then, Convoi has expanded to new and growing markets across Europe and India. We work globally but with a local presence. The ability to adapt to local needs is a key component of Convoi's success.

Facts & Figures


600 Employees


Local in 7 countries


250 Additional flexible workforce

Strategic partnerships

Global footprint trough subsidiaries and strategic partnerships


120 Mio turnover

Privately owned

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Our mission

“Facilitating change for companies through tailor-made, personal and sustainable solutions, on a global scale but with a local presence.” Your best move, consider it done.

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