Convoi at the Brno International Engineering Fair

For the third time already, Convoi will be on display at the International Engineering Fair in Brno. The Fair takes place each year in late Spetember or early October. This year, the dates are 7th to 11th of October 2019.This year's main topic is industry 4.0 and digital factories. The Transport and Logistics Fair and ENVITECH are also parts of the IEF.

Industry 4.0

Convoi has developed from a regular relocation services provider to a company offering complex solutions covering transport, assembly and disassembly services, electrical installations and automation. We often help our customers improve their machinery layouts using a 3D production scanning technology with subsequent layout drawings submission and we upgrade machines and devices to suit the Industry 4.0 needs. We prefer to show the results of our work in virtual reality to enable our customers to precisely understand the extent of desired services. In this respect our activities directly match all the IEF topics with due respect to the environment and future generations which is also documented not only by our ISO:9001 certification but also by our ISO:14001 certification.



3D hydraulic system for VR

The IEF Convoi team will be looking forward to your visit and questions. In order to present our abilities we have prepared a 620t hydraulic hoisting system installation used to build the most sophisticated presses and large CNC centers and for VHV transformers and generators placement in energy industry.


The Brno International Engineering Fair (IEF) is the most significant industrial exhibition in Central Europe with more than 1600 exhibitors and 80000 visitors.