Five different suppliers - or just Convoi?

A successful new approach to upgrading tunnel safety in Amsterdam

Rijkswaterstaat commissioned the IXAS consortium, consisting of Ballast Nedam, Heijmans, Fluor and 3i infrastructure, to design, build, finance and maintain the Gaasperdammertunnel and the connecting infrastructure. As a result of more stringent safety requirements, the tunnel in the borough of Amsterdam-Southeast needed to be equipped with additional fire safety panels. IXAS called on Convoi to help take care of the job.
Armand Sollet, Project Manager Convoi Nederland

Safety for infrastructure

IXAS appointed Convoi as a subcontractor to assist in the realization of this assignment. Instead of dealing with five suppliers, the client only needed to deal with one single point of contact. Convoi took on several different aspects of the job. This approach means less risk of delays, lengthy approval processes or misunderstandings, which benefits all of the companies in the consortium, the subcontractors, and  client Rijkswaterstaat.

Our job was to measure, disconnect and disassemble all electrical and non-electrical tunnel installations, store them, and subsequently reassemble and put them back after the fire safety panels had been installed. Measurements, performed using three-dimensional laser technology, had to be carried out with the utmost precision, to ensure all components and assemblies were returned to their exact former location.– each camera and loudspeaker, for example, has a specific angle and can only be used in one preset and validated position.

“Excellent job, you’ve really distinguished yourselves positively.”
Martin Jansen, Execution Manager TTI / GO coach IXAS

Smart logistics for traditional installation work

This project was a great opportunity for us to work in a new way, integrating smart building logistics with traditional installation work. The infrastructural elements used in the tunnel are often tailor-made, and therefore unique and costly. Each item from the four tunnel tubes was colour-coded and given a unique number and description. All measurement data and other important information was entered into a database and made accessible via an app.

Combination of multiple Convoi divisions

We combined experience and expertise in our three focus areas – logistical, electrical and mechanical. We could bring in Convoi employees with practical experience in each of these areas. Through detailed planning, we ensured everyone could focus on their main areas of competence and work together smoothly. Flexibility was essential, as we had to accommodate the activities of everyone involved. We also provided feedback on the other contractors plans, based on our practical experience, looking carefully at the chosen tools, methods, and materials. We also invested in new tools and technologies ourselves to take on this project in the best possible way.

Our approach helped reduce risks and costs and made coordination easier, whilst also increasing safety. This project has once again demonstrated that safety is paramount at Convoi. We’ve received ample positive feedback and compliments on the implementation. The consortium and the municipality are all happy with the outcome. We are very proud of this project and are currently looking at a number of new projects in which we can use the knowledge we’ve built up.

About the project team

The project team consisted of:

  • Armand Sollet, Project Manager Convoi Nederland
  • Maikel Rijcken, Main Contractor Convoi Electrical & Automation
  • Dennis Hardeman, Project Leader Convoi Nederland

Facts and figures

  • Project duration 10 months
  • Tunnel length 5 x 3 km
  • Dismantled and rebuilt 4,500 separate objects
  • Dismantled and rebuilt 9,500 cable clamps (HF-COAX cable)
  • Dismantled and rebuilt 800 metres of cables trays
  • Measured 22,000 points
  • Provided 900m3 storage
  • Executed 300 transport journeys