High-tech medical equipment delivery to Royal Marsden

Convoi was contracted by Elekta for the delivery and rigging of a new state-of-the-art radiotherapy machine, the MR Linac to The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam and The Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton.

The multi-million MR Linac machine combines two technologies for the first time – an MRI scanner to precisely locate the tumour and a linear accelerator that will enable precise targeting of the radiation beam, to potentially permit the highest possible tumor dose, while preserving healthy tissue.

The installation in the UK was the first of its kind. Delivery preparation began in December 2015.  A giant hole, large enough to fit 24 double decker buses, had been excavated at The Royal Marsden in Sutton to accommodate the state of the art system.

In order to meet the requirements of both our customer and the Hospital, whilst establishing a safe and efficient method of delivery, there were a number of site visits and pre-delivery meetings with great attention paid to the finer details of each delivery. The project was planned to be executed over a minimum of 7 phases, each phase bringing another section of the system to site and making sure it was safely transported and delivered to the final destination.


The large items were delivered into the bunker by crane via a purpose built skylight; all other items that could be delivered on wheels were delivered via an alternative entrance over 200 meters from the final destination (the entire route had to be protected during each phase of the delivery).

There were a number of challenges that required careful consideration and attention to detail. The crane was to be situated directly over the theaters therefore exact outrigger loading and crane positioning was crucial; the skylight which was designed to allow delivery of the larger equipment did not provide the necessary space for the lifting frame of the static ring; the internal delivery route had height restrictions which prevented some of the items being transported along that particular route. In addition to these issues, we were only able to deliver each phase on Saturdays due to restrictions on working times imposed by local residents and the Hospital.

The lifting drawings were revised numerous times to add extra layers of detail in order to show the exact lifts of each and every item that had to be hoisted. Once all parties were satisfied that we had covered as much as possible in our RAMS and lifting plans we were eventually set to work. Through the dedication and enthusiasm of a great team of men from both the Netherlands and the UK, each phase was carried out in a highly professional manner, not only meeting the customers expectations but exceeding them due to the ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances.