Yearly extra safety and skills training for technical personnel

The safety and skills event is a two-day event at and surrounding the Convoi headquarters in Maastricht-Airport. The first part is a safety instruction, followed by a recap of 2019 and lookahead for 2020 and last is the skills training. The skills training also consists of three parts. Safe moving of loads, a safety workshop and a training in handling forklifts. The training sessions are an international mix with people coming together from different Convoi companies. People from Convoi Schweiz AG, Convoi GmbH and Convoi International all come together during these days. The training sessions are held by a licensed institute.

Author: Roy Urlings

Industrial relocation and machine installation

Safety training is for most of the experienced workers just refreshing the already existing knowledge.  Safety is a core value of the company and essential for executing industrial relocations and machine installations. An example of the topics that were talked about were the importance of an LMRA. This is a risk assessment tool that workers use to check if the work can be done safely. Another topic is recognizing dangerous situations in the workplace, estimating the safety level of real work situations and of course general safety is discussed as well. Images are shown to illustrate the situations. By implementing new and better safety measures last year has seen yet another decrease of 15 percent of missed workdays.

Working with special equipment

The skills training is a recurring part of the event that ensures continual improvement in safety towards oneself and others. The skills and agility levels are maintained by repeated training. In groups of approximately ten men the teams undertake the several training chapters. The training working safely with heavy loads is finished with a certificate for the successful participants.


Workshop forklift

Movability, agility, safety, tricks and tips are part of the workshop for using the forklifts. Next to the practical portion of the training, theory is also discussed to improve overall safety comprehension. The goal is to ensure safe transport and control of the machine and it’s load. Maneuvering high-tech  equipment, on a regular basis, demands a highly precise and skilled way of working from the Convoi workers.

Workshop ‘safe moving of loads’

Working together with a 100t crane, our workers are working with loads in a variety of situations to practice doing so in a safe and responsible way. During this training they work to connect the load, move, guide and ensure exact placement while lowering the load. This exercise is helpful for many situations and always have to be performed safely, whether it’s a complete industrial relocation of a metal producing factory or installing a machine line in the paper industry.


We would like to thank all hard working men who worked the past year on the numerous projects for Convoi. You have been valuable members of our team and we appreciate all of the hard work you have put in. We wish you a safe and challenging 2020.