Convoi: safer, better, cleaner

Convoi is going to give Quality, Safety, Health and Environment an even more prominent role in the company’s policy. Safe and damage-free work as well as the health of our employees continue to be top priority! This way, we can keep on satisfying the complex and ever-changing demands from authorities and clients.

Author: Peter Driessen, QHSE Manager Convoi

I myself will deal with Quality, Safety, Health and Environment, also known as QSHE full-time. Besides maintaining the current certificates, securing of the company processes in particular will receive special attention. Monitoring that securing will, more than is now the case, take place in the workplace itself. Checks will be performed, both announced and unannounced, together with the line manager. The line manager stays, just as is the case now, responsible for everything that has to do with Quality, Safety, Health and Environment, but he can receive more technical support for this from the QSHE manager.

The upcoming months I, being QSHE manager, will perform a new survey on an internal client level of the expectations in this field. The results will be compiled and taken into account in our new policy that has yet to be made. I will also work more intensively with external specialists, like auditors of certifying institutions and the ‘Sicherheitsfachkraft’ in Germany.

Over the course of 2017 the Convoi companies will be certified. In 2018, ISO9001 and ISO14001 will be audited in a totally new way. In 2017, we start with the preparations so that we can adapt to these new standards. What is also new, is that over the course of 2017 a changeover to a so-called ‘Multi Site Certificering’ (Multi Site Certification) will take place. This means that just one certifying institution will perform all audits for all Convoi branches.