Laboratory Relocation at Delft Technical University: a large project – carried out with great accuracy

Mid 2016, Convoi relocated three R & D Faculties of Delft Technical University to a single new state of the art building complex. A large project in which Convoi has proven, among other things, that it is able to carry out all aspects of laboratory relocation flawlessly.

Author: Reinold Hofsink

The BioNanoscience (BN), Chemical Engineering (ChemE), and Biotechnology (BT) Faculties were relocated from their former accommodation in Delft and consolidated in the new university building. It was a precarious job, consisting of the relocation of 6,800 m3 of laboratory inventory.  At the peak, 35 staff members from all divisions of Convoi were working in Delft.

For the customer it was a huge advantage that Convoi has a wide range of employability in such a specialised relocation project.

"The evaluations show that the project group of the Technical University and, what is even more important, the users are highly satisfied."

Laboratory relocation:
Seven self-managing teams under the direction of a project manager carried out the relocation of about 72 laboratories and 81 departments.


Project management:
For the full unburdening of the commissioner, about 40 international OEM’ers (Original Equipment Manufacturers) were involved, planned and monitored by the project manager as well.


Dangerous goods:

Convoi classified, unpacked and moved about 23,000 dangerous goods parts and chemical substances according to ADR directives. In addition, Convoi DG relocated dozens of -80 degree freezers under voltage.

Electrical & Automation:

Three Electrical & Automation mechanics did the detaching of several trial and other installations and their reconnecting in the new building for the Delft Technical University over a number of months.

Convoi got the order from the Delft Technical University by a. o. the comprehensive action plan and the exploratory discussions with the project manager and foreman concerned.