Our passionate Electrical Engineers offer complete electrical solutions. From basic design engineering to plant maintenance management.

1. Engineering & Automation

Every day, we engineer projects from scratch and customize existing systems. Setting parameters – with or without client input – allows us to realize documents that provide a solid and reliable basis for projects. Basic plans can be used to make detailed technical drawings of installations, control panels and distribution panels.

A functional description provides the foundation for programming operating software. This description can be provided by a client, but can also be developed in cooperation with Convoi. A rapid commissioning process and Site Acceptance Test help reduce costs for clients. Our engineers can realize this with Convoi’s standard software or any other software clients use to program or run simulations.


2. Panel assembly

The heart of our panel assembly department is made up by a multifunctional team. Our specialists assemble control panels, operating panels and distribution panels. What’s more, they can take on revamps, migrations and relocations immediately, ensuring minimum downtime. Our specialists can create custom-made panels, as well as panels produced in series.

3. Medium and High voltage

A reliable power supply is essential. To secure operational reliability and safety, high and medium voltage installations must be created and updated in accordance with local standards. We have built up considerable expertise in providing total solution packages for medium and high voltage installations. Working safely and ensuring compliance with local standards requires specific knowledge, insight and skills. All our specialists are qualified and certified according to European standard EN 50110 as well as several local standards. Engineering, installation, commissioning and maintenance can all be executed by our own professionals.

4. Installation & Commissioning

Our installation team’s main goal is to efficiently realize projected results. Depending on complexity and deadlines, we will put together a dedicated project team. One person on this team acts as the client’s sole point of contact, and is responsible for streamlining the entire process. To work as effectively as possible, we assemble teams that consist entirely of our own specialists, but we can bring in specialists from external partners if required. This ensures the job gets done the right way and in time. The outcome is partly determined by specific conditions such as goal, time, costs, quality and safety.

5. Maintenance management

Ensuring clients’ complete peace of mind is the most essential aspect of maintenance management. This means keeping complex electrotechnical equipment, production machines and facilities in buildings up and running safely. In determining requirements and fulfilling expectations, safety is always the most important factor. Years of experience has allowed our dedicated technical service technicians to forge close relationships with clients. Working together on site on processes including preparation, stop positions, revamps and follow-up care allows us to finish projects effectively, within budget, and on time. For client organizations, our specialists are more like partners than ordinary contractors. The result: guaranteed success!

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