Electrical Engineering

For your production it is of great importance to make the right combination between required labor, machines, materials, information and energy. Electrical engineers are specialists who devise integral systems in which the above factors work together efficiently. Our engineers work out the initial design based on your wishes and needs. We call this the basic design and after approval by you it is then elaborated into detailed design. This includes the detailed drawings of the installations, control panels and distributors. Convoi offers you support in designing, installing, managing and improving electrical installations. For more information or a free quote, simply contact one of our specialists.

What does Convoi offer?

The specialists of the electrical engineering department are mainly involved in the design of installations in industrial controls. When designing, your question is central and we work towards a front end engineering or basic design.

A basic design can consist of:

  • Sensor list
  • Network architecture
  • Kabellayout plan

Risk analysis

Safety is an essential part of industry, as an employer you want employees to go home as healthy as they have come to work. In order to offer the employee a safe workplace, an RIE (Risk Inventory and Evaluation) is an obligation of the employer. Convoi engineers are happy to help carry out a risk inventory together with the client and to draw up an RIE.

Safety calculations for creating a safety matrix, among others, are performed according to ISO-13849-1 (PL, Performance Level) or IEC62061 (SIL, Safety Integrity Level) to ensure the required safety levels.



E-diagrams are designed to assemble control panels, distributors or to make an electrical installation. Detail drawings are made using CAE software (Computer-aided engineering) such as Eplan, ELcad or in Autocad. Based on these drawings, the control panels are assembled and the electrical installation is carried out in the field. These schedules include

  • Main and control flow diagrams
  • Instrument loop diagrams
  • Kastindeling
  • Cable and terminal strips

Cables are calculated in full so that the installation complies with NEN1010.

Explosive atmospheres

Electrical Engineering also involves designing within Atex zones in accordance with the standard: NEN-EN-IEC 60079-14.

In addition to designing a new installation, there is a lot of experience in modifying, migrating, expanding and overhauling the existing installations. Wherein the installation is brought back to the latest state of the art.


Quick response manufacturing

The principles of QRM are not unknown in our market. Your customer demand is central to us and in order to guarantee you a fast delivery time, cooperation between the various departments is optimized. The advantage for you: one point of contact, short lead time and that without compromising on price and quality.

Why Convoi?

Thanks to the years of experience of the lead engineers, they are able to transform your demand into basic design and detail engineering with a functional solution. Convoi functions cross-departmentally, which means that benefits can be taken in the lead time. For example, orders for materials with a long delivery time can be initiated early in the process.


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