In industries with automated processes such as chemical or production installations, special measuring and control instruments are used. Convoi realizes your questions for process-oriented instrumentation systems from design, construction and installation to commissioning. That is what Convoi understands under the specialization Instrumentation Engineering.

What does Convoi offer?

The goal of good instrumentation is an efficiently operating system, but this requires highly specialized knowledge. The high degree of specialism is already apparent when reading P&ID, the Piping & Instrumentation Diagram. This is the piping diagram with fittings that is linked to a DCS or PCS. Each company has its own system built using, among other things, PLCs and relay operations. Instrumentation includes standard:

  • Cableways
  • Cabling
  • Wiring
  • The control boxes
  • Testing
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • experiencing Report

From small to large

A variety of sizes can be used, depending on the customer’s wishes. Pipes from 3mm to 12mm for example, but larger diameters are also possible. This can be by means of welding or by means of fitting fittings.

Sample process: construction, testing, installation and commissioning.

Convoi’s engineers always work on the basis of the P&ID. The implementation can be fully taken up by Convoi.

Installation and assembly
Starts with an empty box, in which appendages are set up and the cabling and piping are mounted in between.

Once the installation has been built, tests are carried out to check that everything is correct. This starts with the stand test or pressure test, so you know whether the pipework is closed. Pressure is put on the installation and it is checked whether the pressure has decreased after a certain time. The test results are then signed off in the delivery report. During this test, the pipes are also soaped to check for leaks. The fittings are then checked for their functioning and then the test phase follows together with the customer.

At this stage, the installation is installed at its production site. The fine-tuning of the installation is done here. The test medium passes through the installation and is checked.

Depending on the room where the installation will be located, various parts will be included in the delivery report. Think for example of an EX-Zone. The delivery report includes:

  • P&ID check
  • Insulation resistance cabling
  • Encodings
  • Pressure test
  • Control E-drawings / documents

Welding work

This is possible in consultation with installations where it is necessary to supply high-quality welding. Depending on the standards and wishes of the customer, the correct standardization for the welding can be chosen. By coordinating this together you are assured that you meet the quality standard.

Existing or new installation?

Convoi works on new installations as well as existing installations in almost all conceivable branches. The applications for instrumentation are very diverse. From food & feed to the paper industry, petrochemicals and laboratories to aerospace.

Installation installation

Both prefab and construction at the end location are possible for installations. Convoi has extensive experience in installing many types of installations. Safety and lifting plans are used here as standard. Convoi has the experience and knowledge to take care of the installation for the customer.

What do we work with?

Convoi mainly works with Swagelok or gyrolok because of the high quality requirements of our customers and ourselves. However, it is also possible to work with other suppliers. The quality requirement is leading when choosing the material piping. This is determined together with the customer. Various mechanics at Convoi are in possession of the certifications to install these fittings.

Convoi has a special workshop for both stainless steel and steel. We also have all the necessary equipment in-house. This includes manual & pneumatic bending machines (both in inches and metric), wrenches (inch wrenches and metric wrenches), pipe cutters, deburrers and inspection tools.

Why Convoi?

The Convoi engineers have extensive practical experience. They also have the technically required knowledge to achieve your critical measurement and control processes without errors. With a broad background in industrial and process automation, Convoi is able to implement your project from A to Z. Good craftsmanship and lasting relationships are central to every project and every request. Feel free to contact us for more information via the form below or call us.

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