As an industrial manufacturer, you are responsible for managing various installations. You want your machines to work optimally. Correct use of measurement and control technology can support your processes in this. It ensures that your systems work together efficiently. For example, it is possible that the individual technical components are perfectly installed and do their job. An imbalance can nevertheless only arise without good control technology. Control technology can ensure that, for example, there is no simultaneous cooling and heating. Convoi has control specialists who provide you with smart, safe and economical solutions. From advice, design, panel construction, migration and assembly to delivery. Convoi's strength lies in bundling knowledge, capacity and flexibility.

What does Convoi offer?

Control technology can be found everywhere. Convoi works in many different markets and is familiar with robotics, chemical technology, energy technology, electronics, electrical technology and automation. Our specialists can support you from design (P&ID) to installation. The result: an efficient, reliable and safe production process.

  • Basic engineering (Hard- & Software)
  • Detail engineering (Hard- & Software)
  • ATEX loops
  • Panel construction
  • Installation
  • Commissioning


Standard NEN EN IEC 60079-14 ATEX – Explosive atmospheres

IEC 60079-14:2013,IDT

 Safety and Loop Testing

Convoi works according to the safety standards applicable in the process industry. These are covered by the SIL Standard (Safety Integrity Level). The drawings are often made in loop. After which these drawings are checked by running the walk tests.



The production of the software is done via the supplied P&ID. After which is always tested. This way you can be sure of a good result. The engineers use the following five steps:

1. Factory Acceptance Test
The FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) is a test before the product is delivered. A simulation is made in the Convoi engineering department. The process is tested here. The leading question is: “Does the functionality match the designs?” The results of this are recorded in the FAT Table.

2. Installation
The installation is set up on site by the Convoi specialists. After the construction of the set-up, the instrumentation is adjusted.

3. Commissioning
The commissioning and delivery to you as a customer can also be left to our specialists. Both for own and third-party produced software and hardware.

4. I/O test
The network is commissioned prior to the I / O test. The I / O test (input – output test) then checks whether the cabling is properly connected to the components. Then commissioning engineer carries out the I / O test in collaboration with a mechanic.

After the test, functional tests are carried out in collaboration with the customer. Where the actual product of the installation is produced. This is also known as the ‘cold run’ . After the cold run, you can also assist in performing the ‘hot run’ . The installation is optimized to deliver the desired quality. This test is performed at the final location of the installation. The results of this test will be published in the Commissioning report.

5. Site acceptance Test
With the SAT the same parts are tested as with the FAT, only now with the real values. The sensors are connected and the values ​​come from the installation. This involves checking whether the installation has been made and functions as designed. After the SAT, the installation is transferred to the customer.


On request, Convoi provides extensive references aimed at your project needs. Convoi works on a regular basis for special customers such as Rockwool, Sekisui, MCB and VDL Nedcar. Convoi has recently carried out migration processes, for example at VDL Nedcar and Xerox. Or air treatment projects for NXP and Rockwool. You can easily contact us via the contact form, e-mail address or telephone number below.

Why Convoi?

Thanks to the unique combination of services from Convoi, you can work together with only one party on this entire process and achieve the desired result. Our Convoi specialists are experienced in many industries. Do you have questions about your unique situation? Simply contact us via the contact form or telephone number below.

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