A reliable energy supply is essential for your operational security. The high-voltage and medium-voltage installation that many large industrial companies and the network operators have in their field forms the backbone. We supply a total package for medium and high voltage installation; from engineering to maintenance. Working safely with medium and high voltage installations requires specific knowledge, insight and skills. Our specialists are qualified, certified and operate in accordance with NEN 3840 and NEN-EN 50110.

What does Convoi offer?

The customer’s question is always central to Convoi. This may involve a new installation, replacement or modification. Support is possible from design to after the end of life. Whether you have just purchased an installation or if it still needs to be designed, Convoi can help you make the right choices.


Turn-key installation and direction work

Convoi carries out the assignment turnkey or based on EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) for you. Part of the work can also be deposited with Convoi. In such situations, sub-projects or work on a directorial basis are often chosen.


Existing installations

Various services are possible for existing installations. You can think of expanding, adjusting, maintaining, inspecting or testing. An extension of a factory often also includes an extension of the electrical installation. However, it may also be that a production change takes place within the existing environment and that the electrical installation has to be adapted to this. An adjustment may be necessary to meet the standard.

Every installation needs periodic maintenance. Convoi supports its customers in this. It is often the customer’s wish to combine this with inspections and tests, to ensure that the standard is met.

  • To expand
  • To adjust
  • To maintain
  • Inspect
  • Testing

Guard duty

The Convoi standby service is available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Also during holidays and holidays. There is always someone who answers the phone and ensures that the team starts to unburden you.

Switching authority

You are looking for a reliable partner who can support you in safe business operations. You have come to the right place at Convoi. The specialists work in all situations according to the applicable standards and are in possession of the correct certificates so that they can be used as authorized persons.

  • Switching authority
  • Guard duty
  • High voltage inspection and maintenance
  • Low voltage inspection and maintenance
  • Retrofit
  • Turn-key installation


Convoi carries out work for you in a variety of markets, including:

  • Automotive
  • Chemie
  • defence
  • Energy and grid management
  • Medicines
  • Semiconductors
  • Industry
  • Oil and gas
  • Government and municipality
  • Paper
  • Track
  • Foods
  • Hospitals

Testing and commissioning

During commissioning it becomes clear whether the work has been carried out correctly and whether the installation meets the requirements. This is done on the basis of various tests, some examples of which are given alongside. During this phase, part or all of the installation will be commissioned, depending on your situation. After commissioning, we transfer the installation to you.



·         DC Insulation resistance
·         Winding resistance
·         Dielectric loss angle (DLA)
·         Thermography (thermal imaging)
·         Oil quality analysis
·         Protection relay
·         Very low frequency (VLF)
·         High potential
·         Primary current injection
·         Grounding resistance
·         Micro ohm
·         Static and dynamic contact resistance
·         Circuit breaker timing
·         Internal battery resistance



Why Convoi?

Customers choose Convoi because a unique combination of services is possible. Convoi carries out electrical, logistics and mechanical parts. The specialists have years of experience and customers are very satisfied with the open and honest way of working together. For more information or a free quote, please contact us using the form below or call us.


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