Our Relocation Engineers provide a complete, fully integrated package. Services include project management, customer care, sustainable development and main contractor solutions.

1. Safe and sustainable solutions

Safe, sustainable execution of your project starts with precise preparation. Our team’s ultimate goal is to provide ease of mind for clients. Planning is geared toward the shortest possible downtime and the greatest possible reduction of environmental impact. This is enhanced by the project managers who are always responsible for delivering solutions based on best practices.

2. Relocation management

Risks are a part of every project. That’s why years of experience, smart planning and the right equipment are crucial to success. How do we manage this? During the first meeting, we will discuss the nature of the project and explore various possibilities with you. Convoi offers the knowledge and the ability to manage an entire relocation. This could also consist of a feasibility study, a relocation strategy, logistical planning and downtime calculation.

3. Relocation experience

Convoi started carrying out removals almost a century ago. Since then, we have been specialized in complex, difficult, and challenging relocations. Our Relocation Engineers have the training, knowledge, and experience required to successfully carry out any type of commercial relocation. We move businesses, hospitals, schools, institutions, museums containing millions of items, warehouses the size of football fields, offices with over 2,000 workstations, airports, and even unique works of art, such as Rembrandt’s ‘Night Watch’.

4. Special Delivery

Imagine you have just purchased a new machine or production line, which now needs be quickly and safely transported to the designated area in your plant. Doesn’t it fit through the door? Does the machine need to be assembled on the first floor? Not a problem for Convoi!

5. Long-term service partner

No job is to big or to small for the Convoi service organization. On request, we bundle day-to-day services for long-term partners. This allows organizations to optimize internal processes and realize cost reductions. Sending a request is as easy as going online. convoi provides the requested service with a fixed team that knows your organization inside and out. All Convoi’s employees are SCC certified and own a certificate of conduct. You are in good hands!

6. Warehousing & Logistical HUB

Convoi provides warehousing options to ensure our clients in-house square meters are used cost-efficiently. This allows us to store everything from inventory and machines to art collections and allow for just-in-time delivery to project sites. Clients can manage their inventory 24/7 through the online Convoi Warehouse Viewer. All that is needed for a quick delivery is a picture or a description and within 24 hours we deliver to our clients! When providing our services for a City or Project HUB we use electrical vehicles in combination with smart planning to ensure our clients’ sustainability and clean air goals are reached. We minimize traffic at project sites and client locations, while contributing to a safer and more efficient process! ​

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