A complete relocation is all about unburdening from A to Z. All business units can be moved in-house. It is not only about moving offices, furniture and ICT, but also machine lines, workshops and warehouses. From a factory hall or hospital including patients to an airport with many thousands of tools and aircraft parts.

For a complete company move, Convoi offers:

Your company will move internally or externally. How do you do this? Convoi has extensive experience with many types of business relocations and has specifically trained employees. This ensures that the execution proceeds safely and according to plan.

Relocation management

Project removals involve risks. A lot of experience, smart planning and the right resources are therefore crucial. Thanks to years of experience, Convoi knows that good preparation is half the battle. During the first meeting, the nature of your project is discussed and you and our team explore the possibilities. Convoi has the knowledge and skills to manage the entire move.

Relax during the move

Convoi delivers a total package for a complete company move. Proven working methods optimize your costs and minimize your downtime and risk. Professionalism and dedicated commitment from the team offers you peace of mind during these kinds of large projects. You can think of the following services:

  • Disassembly and reassembly work
  • Bulletin
  • Moving heavy objects
  • ICT-Services
  • Handyman services
  • Relocation management

What do you need?

A complete company move can consist of many parts. Depending on the type of company, a choice will be made in consultation with you from the right requirements for your move. These are, for example:

  • Feasibility study
  • Complete quote
  • Relocation strategy + scenario
  • HSE Plan
  • Managing OEM / Equipment suppliers.
  • Logistics plan / lead time calculation
  • Moving instructions for your employees
  • Communication plan

Why Convoi?

We ensure that your wishes and our expertise come together. Concrete agreements are made with you about your wishes and requirements and Convoi provides the services that suit your situation. For more information or a customized quote, simply contact us using the form below.

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