A hospital is never empty and always runs 24/7, 365 days a year. That makes a hospital move complex: care is always central. Convoi has moved several hospitals, from all equipment and beds to patients. When you receive critical acclaim as a mover, you have the right people, the right systems and the right resources. Patient safety is key, medical staff is leading and the operation follows.

What does Convoi offer you?

A hospital move is a ‘big bang’. Large quantities of materials have to be moved in a short time. The preparation of such a move is crucial. The project managers are working well in advance to inventory everything and to discuss the correct approach with all departments involved. Good preparation includes:

  • Patient safety is always central
  • Moving instructions (videos) and clear information for your staff and clients.
  • Coding of objects to be moved
  • A complete script and accompanying planning
  • Exercise move

During a hospital move

  • Active participation in core team / coordinating body.
  • Management, implementation and follow-up of the meticulous detailed planning.
  • Opportunity to provide transport for bedridden patients, accompanied by their own experienced staff.
  • Realization of building protection, patient locks, all kinds of services such as handyman work, ICT work etc.
  • Purchase and guidance of equipment suppliers.
  • Specialized relocation of lab equipment, CT / MRI scanners, irradiation equipment etc.

Patient transport

At the same time as we move nursing ward materials, we can transport the patients externally. Experience gained in neonatology, maternity, child, isolation, IC, oncology and more.

For this we have trucks available that can be quickly modularly arranged. In addition to power supplies, among other things, the comfort of the patient has also been considered. Infection prevention has been considered, the device is easy to clean between transport movements.

Special transport for:

  • ADR transport in labverhuizingen
  • Central pharmacy and pharmacies, including opiate displacement.
  • Monitoring facilities and incubators.
  • Patient relocation, complete with treatment equipment.

Logistics centre

Convoi also supports hospitals in the furnishing phase with the installation and installation of new furnishing items. From furniture to new medical equipment. Everything that enters the hospital and needs to be installed is controlled from a temporary logistics center. This ensures that everything is well coordinated and that processes continue to run smoothly. Convoi can therefore considerably reduce the time between the delivery of the building and the move.


  • AZ Sint Maarten (Mechelen)
  • Erasmus Medical Center (Rotterdam)
  • Isala Hospital (Zwolle)
  • Maasstad Hospital (Rotterdam)
  • Ommelander Hospital (Groningen)
  • Princess Maxima Center (Utrecht)

“About 300 patients move within 3 days. An unprecedented relocation operation in the Mechelen region. ” – Jan Ennekens (general manager AZ Sint Maarten)

Why Convoi?

Convoi is market leader in the field of hospital removals in the Netherlands and can draw on the experience gained from a large number of successful mega removals. Hospitals choose Convoi because of the involvement of the project teams. They are ready before, during and after your project to support you. Convoi also supports hospitals on a regular basis in addition to large projects. For more information, simply contact one of our representatives.

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