Laboratory move

Moving a laboratory can seem like quite a challenge. Both because of the large amount of items that must be brought along and the legislation that must be taken into account. Convoi's employees are specialized in complex relocation projects of this kind. The safety factor is extra important when it comes to removals with hazardous substances and unique and often very expensive equipment. The cooperation with the suppliers of your equipment, also known as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), is of great importance. As a partner for lab removals, Convoi supports you from start to finish.

What does Convoi offer?

Moving a laboratory involves many different aspects. Convoi can support you across the entire width. You can think of for example:

  • Conducting risk analyzes
  • Delivery of a safety plan
  • Plan of action – scenario per department
  • Collection of data from third parties such as OEMs
  • The lab move including disconnection and coupling
  • Last-mile connection (coordination + implementation)
  • External transports (including ADR transport)

Project management

Convoi offers an integrated approach to laboratory removals. This means that Convoi is your contracting party that prepares, guides and executes the complete move. In addition to the physical relocation work, we, or suppliers working under our supervision, can take the equipment out of service, disconnect it, secure it and return it to the new location.

ADR Transport

There are many things to consider when transporting chemical and / or hazardous materials:

  • In which hazard class do the substances belong?
  • Do you want to transport substances together or not?
  • Should a Dangerous Substances route be followed?
  • Is loading / unloading permission required?
  • Are the fabrics properly packaged?
  • Convoi employs drivers who are ADR certified. This way you can be sure that your goods are handled professionally.

But you are not there yet with certification and the associated rules and regulations. With chemical transports it gives a good and above all safe feeling that the transport is in experienced hands. Convoi offers that experience on the road.

Our trucks are provided with the correct marking and labeling. Special equipment for the transport of dangerous goods is also present in the truck. The legal regulations during the conquest are fully observed.

Move and install equipment

A lab move often involves complex equipment and / or unique equipment. Small errors can have major consequences for your expensive equipment. We take this into account in various ways. For example, by distributing equipment over transports, securing and treating it correctly, risks are reduced and potential consequences are minimized. A tight schedule also ensures the lowest possible downtime for your organization.

Why Convoi?

The specialist knowledge and skills have been acquired over many years and that is why we know exactly what to expect and how to successfully complete your lab move. Do you have questions about your laboratory move? A no-obligation appointment with one of our representatives is easily made.

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