You have bought or sold a new medical system. You want this expensive order to be installed in a reliable and safe manner. This is often not a question of plug and play, how do you ensure that the device enters correctly? Then you are looking for a partner with the necessary knowledge and experience in the medical logistics world. Convoi has been supporting its partners in the installation of medical equipment worldwide for more than twenty years.

What does Convoi offer?

Convoi works for its customers on a call-off basis in the following manner. The new order is collected from the relevant warehouse. Then transport is taken to the hospital or clinic of destination. This type of work is also referred to as inside delivery . The system is lifted from the truck at its destination or unloaded using a forklift or winch. Internal transport is carried out using specialized equipment. These wheelsets are custom made and make it possible to move the machine internally.

For the execution of the internal transport it makes a lot of difference as to what type of machine it concerns. Convoi knows the requirements for transporting this per type of system. For example, an average CT scanner weighs about 2 tons, but an MR magnet can easily weigh 5 tons.

Based on the supplied drawings, the machine is placed exactly at the desired destination, aligned, leveled and possibly secured. Waste that can be disposed of here is taken by Convoi. This protects the hospital’s waste stream and keeps nuisance to a minimum.

Refurbished systems

A trade-in option is often offered for renewal. You have a machine on location and will receive a new installation instead. These types of swaps can be executed by Convoi in a few days. Convoi carries out these types of assignments for hospitals as machine suppliers or potential buyers.


Storage and delivery

Convoi can also provide worldwide support for storage and delivery of medical equipment. For example, irradiation equipment can be shipped in its entirety to the Convoi warehouse and then delivered in phases to the final location. There is often no room in a hospital to store this type of equipment in a practical way. With storage and delivery by Convoi, our organization takes care of the entire logistics coordination for you and we assist you with the mechanical installation.

Feasibility study

In some cases it is necessary to conduct a feasibility study to perform medical installation work. For example, in the existing situation it may not be possible to carry out delivery according to regular methods. To make delivery possible, Convoi can conduct a logistics feasibility study for you. Based on this, we deliver a feasible and safe plan of action.


Convoi Rotation tool

This tool was developed by Convoi to bring specific types of magnets in at locations with limited height. In the Convoi rotation tool, the head of the machine is rotated to lower the overall height. This is one of the solutions used to maneuver in the often tight spaces.

Why Convoi?

Convoi is a specialist in the field of logistics for medical installations. For over 20 years, Convoi has often carried out assignments on a regular basis for large clients such as Philips, Elekta and Mevion. This makes Convoi your preferred logistics partner within Europe.

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