Your educational institution will move temporarily or permanently to another location. Then you want a partner who puts your primary processes first and takes your students, teachers and other employees into account. Convoi is a specialist in complex removals and is able to take care of your move from A to Z. Experience gained in laboratories and museums also enables us to move your labs or libraries. And that with as little inconvenience as possible for your organization. You can rely on that.

Convoi offers for educational institutions:

In many cases, Convoi works together on the basis of multi-year contracts. There will often be a European tender. this may have several advantages for your organization. In this way, Convoi provides a permanent team that will carry out the general work for you. And your regular contact person is an expert in the field of educational relocation management and will advise you where necessary.

Service request

You can outsource small jobs and / or service activities to the Convoi service organization. By bundling these activities and then having them carried out at fixed times, you can professionalize the internal business processes and save costs. You place a Service Request from your telephone or online, after which the work is carried out in accordance with the contractual agreements and SLAs.

Project organization

Convoi is also available for your project removals. We provide a complete solution for projects, whereby the regular organization can continue to focus on education. From preparation, project and relocation management for large removals to handyman services to handle the jobs that finish it off. Consider also clean delivery and circular removal of items that do not go to the new location or possibly specialized transport for, for example, hazardous substances. Do you need (temporary) storage during your project? Discuss the options for using our logistics HUB. Convoi knows what unburdening means. Feel free to ask for free advice from one of our representatives.


An important theme is sustainability and the impact of companies on the environment. Convoi strives for a working method that protects the environment, the immediate surroundings and everyone involved as much as possible. This is a core value for Convoi and is a driving force behind smart innovations. This has ensured that Convoi increasingly uses electric and hybrid vehicles and that CO2 emissions are offset. Sustainability also weighs in the choice of the chosen material and the planning method for moving activities.


Working safely is an important factor at Convoi. Convoi has the highest VCA standards (guaranteed in VCA Petro) and carries out work within environments where the highest possible safety standards apply. For example, Convoi works in laboratories of Shell, DSM and KLM workshops. We also apply the experience and knowledge we gain there.

Why Convoi?

What comes first is the learning process of your students. We know that, which is why customers choose Convoi. Convoi’s aim is to sustainably support organizations. We are therefore pleased to see that contracts are still renewed even after ten or more years of cooperation. Please feel free to contact our education specialists for more information or a tailor-made offer.

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