Moving and placing art, antiques and other valuables is a profession in itself. Convoi knows this from experience like no other. Every museum move is custom work, which you prefer to leave to an experienced specialist. Convoi gives advice and can carry out the move in-house. From the logistics process, the professional packaging of art objects, the layout of the exhibition space to the right experienced employees to carry out the move.

What does Convoi offer for a museum move?

From heritage collections to libraries. Convoi has a careful and reliable approach for this. Convoi only uses experienced personnel with professional equipment. Complete collections or single pieces, Convoi offers you a tailor-made scenario so that everyone knows exactly what to expect.

Relocation without damage: Convoi’s working method is characterized by always focusing on the object and examining the consequences for the object at every step of the process. Art handlers are used to determine when, with what and with which protective measures objects can be safely transported.

Museum specialists

Activities are prepared by our project managers, but also by the executive foreman. By introducing the foreman of Convoi in advance to your employees and the objects to be moved, no surprises can arise during the implementation. The entire team is provided with the correct information: from project team to the specialists who will handle your documents.


Moving art

Using a handy 3D scanner it is possible in a short time to measure, photograph and capture art objects, for example. As a result, the condition of the object for relocation and transport is established. It is even possible for the packer to remotely design and manufacture a moving box. This means fewer actions on the work floor, so more safety. Convoi also applies this system in other industries to prevent damage.

  • Assessment
  • Project management
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Packaging art
  • Specialized transport
  • Disposal of items
  • Delivery of new location

Relocation method

A moving method is made when moving large or sensitive objects. Our team will involve various specialties in this. This team devises the moving method with the help of hoisting movements, reinforcements and, for example, an anti-shock moving platform. The Convoi engineer then draws up this method in AutoCAD and draws up a workbook. Everyone knows exactly what needs to be done to move safely.


Why Convoi?

You do not trust anyone with your art objects. So why on Convoi? With Convoi you have an advisor for logistics from A to Z and your art objects are assured of professional packaging. Even for the design of your exhibition space, you can count on the experience of our employees for the right support. For more information, please contact one of our representatives.

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