Your organization has a new office location, but how can you successfully move to the new location? The experience Convoi has allows us to provide the rights services for your organization and project. An office relocation is a special moment for nearly all parties involved. Convoi is specialized in these special moments and works daily on complete office relocations on a single point of contact basis.

Can 2,000+ workspaces be relocated over a weekend?

An office relocation involves more than moving desks and cabinets from A to B. Office removals require the entire contents of an office to be moved in a minimum space of time. If everything is well prepared, 2,000+ workspaces can easily be relocated over a weekend. Of course, everything at the new location must be relocated in the right office spaces. All folders must be in the right order in the cabinets so that your employees experience minimal disruption as a result of the move. You want a pleasant and quick start at the new location.


The months before a relocation are critical in securing a smooth transition for your organization. Convoi knows exactly what to prepare and who to involve. We will prepare a detailed schedule and provide video instructions when needed to inform your staff ahead of time with the right information.


Sustainability and Safety

Convoi strives to create working conditions that minimize risks to the environment and to those who are affected by our activities directly and indirectly. At Convoi, we grow the use of electrical and hybrid transportation and compensate our CO2 emissions. We strive to increase our level of sustainability in every aspect of our work. We use smart innovative ideas to minimize the disruption for your organization and the environment.

Why Convoi?

As a professional relocating company, Convoi is able to relocate your offices in a minimum amount of time. A weekend is often sufficient for our project relocations team to complete the delivery of your inventory and furniture at the new location, including computers, printers, and coffee machines. Even if this involves hundreds of workstations – 10.000m3 over a long weekend? We can do that too!

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