Convoi specializes in moving servers and even complete Main Equipment Room (MER) spaces. In consultation with your ICT department, we choose the best moment for the move. It is also possible to move racks full. Our project manager will advise you on the safest way to move.

What does Convoi offer?

Our employees are trained in servers:

  • Build out
  • To be packaged
  • Safe to transport
  • And to build it back in

Also for patching, phased relocation or night removals. Convoi always uses the correct transport equipment provided with: air suspension, polyester floor and possibly a conditioned loading space.

Relocation of servers

Convoi has extensive experience when it comes to moving servers or complete data rooms. The best moment of relocation will be determined in consultation with your project team, usually outside normal working hours.

We perform the server relocation separately from any office relocation. In addition, your server move is coordinated by a project manager. He / she will be your permanent point of contact during the process. Convoi organizes logistics based on the requirements regarding down times, so that the servers are back up and running as soon as possible.

Delivery of new systems – OEM Support

Convoi is a special delivery partner for a number of leading suppliers of high-tech machines (Original Equipment Manufacturers). You can think of: servers, medical equipment and patch cabinets.


Why Convoi?

Convoi specializes in server relocations and, thanks to extensive experience, is able to move the equipment safely and efficiently to the new location. We can also transport new equipment for you and connect it to your current location. Convoi moves servers on behalf of Rabobank, KPN, Getronics, Capgemini, HP, SCC and SLTN, among others. For more information, simply contact one of our representatives.

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