Warehouse relocation

Moving a warehouse is often the result of various changes within your company. This may lead to a desire to work more efficiently, with the result that the inventory items will often be rearranged. This usually also includes new positions and / or new space-winning systems. This type of move often takes place outside of operational hours in a 'big-bang' variant. For example, your organization can be moved in one weekend.

What does Convoi offer?

Convoi is specialized in performing complex warehouse relocations. It is customary to divide a warehouse move into sub-projects. The following sub-projects then arise as part of Convoi’s working method:

  • Pallet and & shelf relocation (paternoster, narrow paths, etc.)
  • Loose items (moving carrier by Convoi)
  • Shelving relocation
  • Installations & machines
  • Workplaces, packing tables, means of transport, etc.
  • ICT systems: printers, pc’s, scanners

Reasons and solutions

Convoi knows what it takes to move your warehouse. Consequences for your organization that play a role in a warehouse move:

  • Reorder inventory items
  • Usually new positions and / or new space-winning systems
  • Relocation outside operating hours (big bang on weekends)
  • ERP system of the client
  • Specialized employees for the move
  • On site training & trial relocation


Convoi carries out warehouse relocations for many different customers. Some of the recent references:

  • Hyundai, Tessenderloo & Hitachi, Amsterdam
  • ERIKS, Alkmaar (5000 pallets & 20 kilometers of warehouse shelves);
  • VSH, Hilversum & Amersfoort (3500 pallets & 2.5 kilometers shelf);
  • Wartsila, Drunen (3000 pallets);
  • VDL, Helmond (3500 pallets);
  • Van Eyle & Ruygers, Rotterdam (1350 pallets & 4.8 kilometers of shelves);
  • Shell, Pernis (1100 pallets);
  • Abbott Ulestraten (500 pallets & 10 kilometers of shelf including paternoster cabinets);
  • DAF Warehouse, Eindhoven
  • Jude Warehouse, Brussel
  • Heli-One Warehouse Hoofddorp

Why Convoi?

Convoi has been a partner for complex warehouse relocations for many years and has acquired a market leading position through the combination of various services. This combination makes it possible to carry out projects completely for you. The goal is to completely unburden the customer. Do you have questions about your warehouse relocation? Get in touch for more information.

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