Our Mechanical Engineers provide a one-stop-shop for any greenfield and brownfield project. Convoi offers the experience and equipment most suited to your situation.

1. Turnkey installation

A turn-key relocation of your machine, product line, or installation can start immediately after decommissioning. This process may consist of: switching off and disconnecting, disassembling, move-out, transporting, move-in at the new location, surveying, installation, alignments and connecting. This is all carried out mechanically, electrically, hydraulically, and pneumatically. A turn-key delivery is completed by a ‘cold run’. Everything will be working and has been checked, the PLC will run its program, engines will rotate in the right direction, cylinders will work as they should, robots will move correctly. The entire system will be functional and operate without any products being produced.

2. Preparation

If the complexity of the situation makes it necessary, the engineering department will get involved. Current and possible situations can be simulated in AutoCAD in 2D or 3D. Bottlenecks can be identified in advance, along with the best, safest, and most efficient solutions for customers’ situations, supporting a smooth implementation. Our engineers continuously come up with solutions for ‘impossible’ situations. Convoi has developed techniques and methods that allow our Mechanical Engineers to fully document the installation of your machine, down to every parameter. At Convoi, this working process is standardized and can be applied anywhere throughout the world. This allows us to reassemble each machine or production line, but also enables third parties to do so at clients’ request.

3. Execution – Technical personnel

The Mechanical Engineers are deployed across a variety of disciplines. They have completed training in a variety of mechanical and electrical subjects, hold safety certificates such as SCC and SCC** , as well as licenses to operate forklifts and trucks. They also hold certificates for working with mobile cranes, aerial platforms, and hall cranes. The knowledge, experience and skills of these passionate all-round professionals cover a wide range of machines, technologies and equipment.


3. Execution – Specialized Equipment

Convoi owns a large arsenal of equipment for relocations and plant installations: mobile electric cranes, aerial platforms, lifting systems, heavy transportation units, industrial rollers, airbags, manual and electric power tools, hydraulic power tools, measuring instruments, slings, chains, tirfors and more. A large proportion of the tools used are uniformly aggregated using tool containers. Thanks to this standardization process, Mechanical Engineers know exactly which tools and resources can be found in which container and location, for each project. Convoi’s inspectors ensure all tools are regularly checked and certified, and that test certificates are always up to date.

4. Testing & Commissioning

Convoi will assist during the initial Testing & Commissioning production phase. A hot run will take place, using raw materials to make actual products. This entails fine-tuning and testing the machines/robots, plan, or production line so that the end product can be formed with the right quantities, and within the requested tolerances.

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