Convoi has a large arsenal of its own equipment. Approximately 35,000 inspection items. Both for 'moving' and for disassembly and installation of installations.

What does Convoi offer you?

A large part of the tools used are brought together uniformly in the tool containers. Due to extensive standardization, the engineers at every project location have a wide arsenal of tools and aids. The Convoi inspectors ensure that all tools are regularly checked and that the inspection certificates are always in order.

You can think of:

  • Open and closed trucks
  • Vans
  • Electric and gas forklifts
  • Mobile electric cranes
  • Aerial platforms
  • Elevator systems
  • Heavy transport units
  • Industrierollers
  • Air cushions
  • Hand, electric and hydraulic tools
  • Measuring instruments
  • The strap
  • Chains
  • Tirfors

Technical Information Centre

Convoi has a technical database of all equipment. This Technical Information Center (TIC) has been developed in-house. This database contains all technical specifications of the equipment such as dimensions, weight, date of purchase, (inspection) certificates, manuals, purchasing information, location, guarantees, insurance, etc. This information is immediately clear to all managers and project managers, which means that important benefits are achieved by the optimal use of own equipment. Not only location and availability is known, all specifications can be called up immediately.

Measuring instruments

Convoi also has special measuring instruments such as laser trackers, with which complete installations or machines can be measured 3-dimensionally. Convoi also has advanced measuring and leveling instruments to align machines and production lines to 1 µm. In short, all equipment to carry out removals, from simple to turn-key.

Inspection department for hoisting and electrical equipment

Large equipment is inspected by external bodies such as the TÜV, but for the hand tools Convoi has its own inspection department with trained and certified inspectors. As a result, both electrical tools and lifting equipment can be inspected. With the aim to be sure that work can be done safely.

Why Convoi?

We have specialized equipment that cannot be rented everywhere. The equipment has been selected in such a way that we can properly perform the activities associated with our core activities. In addition, our employees are trained and experienced in operating the equipment. This means you know that work is always done safely and responsibly.


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