The core activities of Convoi are the execution of total projects with regard to industrial and project relocations as well as industrial electrical installations and automation.
The combination of these activities is unique in the branches in which Convoi operates. Made possible by the skilled employees of Convoi, complex projects have been successfully executed for years. Locally, but also all over the world.

What does Convoi offer?

One of the main reasons for our customers to choose Convoi is technically competent staff. The specialists of Convoi reliably ensure satisfied customers through beautiful project results.

Project Preparation

Depending on the project, a project team is composed of specialists from the Convoi business units. People often speak each other’s language, and members of a project team have decades of experience. Preferred suppliers are usually used when external knowledge has to be added to the team. These are integrated into the project team, while the responsibility of the project as a whole remains with Convoi.

Cooperation between business units

Thanks to its excellently equipped mechanical, electrical and logistical business units, Convoi is the specialist in the integrated approach to complex projects in its field.

Operational implementation

The project team assembles detailed capacity needs. The order desk converts these needs into resources. Thanks to the detailed capacity requirements, the order desk knows exactly what knowledge and skills employees must have in order to successfully carry out the work.

The project team has appointed a project manager location at the project location who is the point of contact for the customer and the project team. This project manager location has direct access to the Convoi ERP system in which, among other things, the project progress is monitored and which employees can be seen on which dates and times on the project. In other words, data is mutated on a single system.

The knowledge and skills of its employees

In addition to basic training, Convoi offers professional courses. Basic training, for example, is safety-related training, such as VCA. Training needs are discussed in annual performance appraisals with employees and additional training is offered throughout the year.

Why Convoi?

Convoi is in possession of an ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificate. The quality and environmental system is continuously monitored through internal and external audits. With regard to safety, all employees have a VCA safety certificate. That is a precondition for working for Convoi. In addition, Convoi is also SCC and a VCA-P certified. Feel free to contact us for more information about our way of working.

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