When new machines or parts from production are replaced by new installations, Convoi is the right party to carry out these innovations for you. The introduction and insertion of machines into an existing line requires specific knowledge and experience. Many machine installations take place in newly delivered factory halls. Projects are carried out at companies with production facilities, technical installations and production lines in any form. The electrical and hydraulic connection of the new installation from the building connections is work for Convoi, as well as acting as the main contractor for any subcontractors. And that from relatively small machines to complete installations.

What does Convoi offer?

A machine installation consists of several parts. Convoi offers these services individually as well as combined as a total package. You choose how much convenience you want. You can think of:

  • internal – external transport
  • montage
  • Align
  • connect electrically
  • connect hydraulically
  • pneumatically connect
  • testing & commissioning

For the end user

A new machine or installation is often in parts. It must be properly assembled and installed. You may be thinking now: the OEM does that, right? That is of course possible, but Convoi can take care of the entire process for you, also in consultation with the OEM. Convoi then acts as the main contractor and organizes everything from transport to commissioning. Even when various OEMs or subcontractors are involved. You have one point of contact and that is very practical in communication and implementation.

For the machine supplier

You have sold a new machine or installation. You do not take any risks and want a company that has the know-how, people and equipment to transport, unload, install, assemble, align and commission machines. Error-free and safe. Mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic. Anywhere in the world. Convoi knows and understands that.


Convoi carries out machine installations for you in various industries:

  • Car industry
  • Chemie
  • Electronics
  • Energy
  • Medicines
  • Semiconductors
  • Wood processing
  • Laboratories
  • Metal
  • Paper
  • Foods

Why Convoi?

Convoi has decades of experience in assembling, assembling and installing new machines and installations. Completely independently or in collaboration with or on behalf of the original producer. For more information or a free quote, please contact us via the contact details below.



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