There is currently a great demand in the world for sustainable and innovative solutions. Wood offers many possibilities in this. From simple shelves to complete offices and ...

What does Convoi offer?

You have bought a sawmill or equipment for this and wish to have it moved and / or installed. Convoi offers you solutions for a complete factory and parts thereof. Support for both machine manufacturer (OEM) and end user. The engineers work with passion and always according to international safety standards: that takes care of everything.

Moving entire factory

The diversity of the projects is great in terms of activities: relocation, new assembly, controlled disassembly for scrapping, material separate disposal and recycling, taking structural measures, acting as the main contractor for any sub-contactors or taking e-facilities and updating software. .

In the case of a complete relocation of a production location, Convoi is the partner you are looking for. We offer turnkey solutions, allowing you to arrange everything with just one party. This includes:

  • Mechanically
  • (international) Transport
  • Electric
  • Software
  • Support during commissioning

Partial relocation

It is also possible that only part of the production process needs to be built up or moved. Convoi can install or move every facet of the sawmill for you.

  • Stacking places
  • Trunk trailer
  • Sorting line
  • cutting line
  • Planing line
  • Glue line for wooden beams
  • Drying chambers
  • Palletizing and packaging machines
  • The power plant (for example from pallet combustion)


If you contact Convoi for your sawmill or equipment, we will make an appointment to view it. During the recording, the location is viewed in order to be able to submit a suitable offer. In addition to photos, Convoi uses 3D scanning to record the IST situation.

Once the commercial activities have been completed, operational preparations are started. You can think of:

  • Engineering drawings (eg lifting plans)
  • Required manpower
  • Deployment equipment
  • Determine transport capacities
  • Marking Concept
  • Logistical preparations (travel and stays)
  • QHSE plan (risk inventory)

Your assignment will then be executed as agreed.

 Why Convoi?

Convoi is an established name in the sawmill world. We regularly work for the big names such as Stora Enso, Binderholz and Anteholz, but also for traders in these machines. By moving and installing numerous machines, Convoi has the right knowledge and experience to be your partner.

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